There's a new way of looking at the future that involves blending the physical and digital worlds

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What is pcNFT?

Having a pcNFT enabled item means that you can now have physical items that contain a digital certificate of authenticity, ownership, and event history that continues to grow over time.

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Digital Wallet

The Rainf4ll Digital Wallet organizes all the items you own, allowing you to view the item's details, including the history of where it’s been. You can add events of significance or transfer ownership of your items to family and friends.

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Decentralized Marketplace

Rainf4ll provides a decentralized marketplace platform for end users to transact, transfer, rent, or sell the digital identity of their physical items in a trusted way without 3rd parties brokering the transaction.

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Rainf4ll is designed to help consumers and users of high end goods validate the authenticity of a product from manufacturers

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